The Bitcoin Company Announces $2.1 Million Seed Round, Partnership with Visa, and Public Launch of App Through partnerships with Visa (on a bitcoin rewards card), PrimeTrust, Figg,, The Bitcoin Company launches mobile app consolidating existing Bitcoin rewards programs​ Austin, TX – April 5, 2022– Today, The Bitcoin Company, an app designed to be an […]

Bake Shop – A Lightning Pull Payment Case Study

bLIP 12, also known as “Sat Slayer,” was a one-day hackathon project built by the authors in late 2021. It turned into a concept of Lightning “pull payments” and node-to-node communication.

Bots on Bitcoin: My adventures hunting for bots in the Bitcoin mempool.

Address reuse is admittedly a dumb thing to do on Bitcoin. We know not to do it — it ties your transactions together which makes it easier to see what your economic activity on chain is. A subtler reason not to reuse addresses is that – in some very very rare cases – it can […]