Bitcoin, for everyone.

We believe Bitcoin is for everyone. It’s our mission.

We have a big vision: to help everyone in the world own and understand Bitcoin. We want to be a one stop shop for all of your financial needs. But, we had to start somewhere… so, we started by creating an app that rewards you with free bitcoin, for all of your everyday shopping. When you spend with us, we’ll give you up to 25% back in bitcoin rewards on all your everyday purchases… and soon, The Bitcoin Company will make it easy to leave your bank for a better experience, built on Bitcoin.
Whether you’re living entirely off your bitcoin, a casual investor, or uncertain what Bitcoin is and just want to learn more, we’re here for you. We have tools for Bitcoiners, education for the Bitcurious, and a ton of ways for everyone to learn, earn, and use Bitcoin in our app.
We come from a wide variety of backgrounds: open source software development, fintech, economics, business, education, military, art history… even the coffee industry! But, we’re all here for the one shared reason: to make Bitcoin easy, for everyone. Still, each of us comes to the table with slightly different motives. We at The Bitcoin Company all know Bitcoin will be future of money, but these are some of the reasons why we are trying to make it a reality:
  • We all inherently know that it’s not fair the “people in charge” get to print money, while the rest of us work hard, every single day, and still are barely able to make ends meet.
  • Time is precious… our most scarce asset; you can’t create more time, no matter how much money you have. And, now that the world has Bitcoin, a truly scarce asset (there will only ever be 21 million bitcoin), we don’t ever want anyone to trade their valuable time for a money that isn’t scarce.
  • Some of us want to be able to send money home to our relatives overseas without paying exorbitantly high fees to middlemen, like Western Union or TransferWise, that provide no value-add, yet do nothing but extract value and steal from those who need it most.
  • Some of us are just sick of having 20 different financial apps on our phone. Some for Bitcoin, some for banking, some for rewards, some for p2p payments, some for financial privacy…
  • Some of us just want to build a tool that our mom can use to learn more about and use Bitcoin. (Love you mom!)
  • Some of us have been cut off from other financial services like CashApp, PayPal, or their bank.
  • Some of us think it’s crazy to not be able to send a wire or load money into our bank account after 5:00pm or on a weekend.
  • All of us are sick hidden fees and the privacy we must give up within traditional banking, payments, and finance: Our banks charge us $20 when our balance is too low. Our banks charge us for [insert ridiculous fee here]. Oh yeah, they also charge us $20 when our balance is too high or we make too many transactions. We must give up all our information for the most basic of services and ask permission to spend any of our hard-earned money. Merchants pay 3% or more for credit card fees, which they pass on to consumers. The list goes on…
  • We all believe access to basic financial services shouldn’t be a game for the wealthy, or dependent on what imaginary lines you were born within; it should be for everyone.
  • We all want a company and tool that cares about our privacy and our time, and rewards us in bitcoin for all our our spending.
  • We all care deeply for others. Your bank does not. So, we want to provide a tool which lets you opt out of that system and opt into the bitcoin world.
  • All of us freaking love giving others bitcoin and we just want to make it rain sats on everyone.
  • We want to try our best to change the world for the better, for everyone.
We all are tired of the way the world works and following rules we didn’t write, so we’ve stopped complaining about it on Twitter and together, we started building something: The Bitcoin Company.
We love Bitcoin. We love you. And we hope you’ll join us.
Bitcoin, for everyone.