The Bitcoin Company is a company built by Bitcoiners.

And like many Bitcoiners, we aren’t satisfied with the world of monetary privilege. Access to financial freedom shouldn’t be a game for the wealthy, it should be a basic human right. We’re tired of the way the world works and following rules we didn’t write, so we’ve stopped complaining about it on twitter and started building something: The Bitcoin Company.

We’re here to make Bitcoin easier for everyone. Whether you’re living off your bitcoin or uncertain what bitcoin is, we’re here for you. We’ve got tools for bitcoiners and education for the bitcurious.

Bitcoin should be easy and accessible – it shouldn’t be a pain to leave your bank (or to find one in the first place). We’ll help you learn, earn, spend, save, and invest all in one place. We value your privacy, we value your time, and we value you.

The Bitcoin Company is a company built for Bitcoiners.
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