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Frequently Asked Questions

The Bitcoin Company wants to be all things Bitcoin for you and your family. We aren’t satisfied with the world of monetary privilege. Access to financial freedom shouldn’t be a game for the wealthy, it should be a basic human right. We’re building the tools to make that possible.

Don’t worry – we’re here to help. And so are these guys: CashApp and Strike → these are the one-stop-shop options. They’ll set you up with a wallet, help you buy bitcoin, and teach you to spend it! They make it super simple. If you’re buying your bitcoin somewhere else (Swan, or maybe River), you can send your bitcoin to one of our favorite wallets (Muun or Blue Wallet) and pay a lightning invoice from there

That’s okay! If you can scan a menu at a restaurant, then you’ll be able to figure this out. Feel free to reach out to our customer support (twitter: @thebtccosupport, telegram: t.me/thebitcoincompany, phone: 1-877-BTC-ASST (1-877-282-2778) or email: support@thebitcoincompany.com) – we’ve got bitcoiners on hand to help you celebrate through your first bitcoin purchase!

Buying a gift card instead of spending with your traditional credit credt card saves the merchant fees, so they are willing to give you a discount. Since the merchants aren’t paying processing fees through credit card processors, we’re able to give you some of the best bitcoin rewards out there! Since the transaction is settled immediately, you won’t have to wait a month for your rewards! You’ll get them almost immediately. Pretty cool, right?

Check our app to see what other deals we have for you! They won’t last forever, so sign-up and make your friends jealous that you got into The Bitcoin Company’s beta test.

We absolutely understand if you want to keep your bitcoin for yourself. Our pay with card options will be coming soon! 

You bet. Our Card Linked Rewards Program will be a way to seamlessly earn bitcoin back on all your spending. Link your credit or debit card on our app, check out all our partnerships and brand deals, and start spending! We’ll let you track all your bitcoin rewards right in our app. This offer isn’t quite ready yet, but is coming very, very soon.

Our loyalty programs are all free. You won’t be charged anything to join in the fun.

Join by downloading our app on your phone!

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The instructions are super easy to follow, but basically you’ll create a username and password and start making purchases in our app. We’ll track your rewards while you shop and you can start earning immediately.

If you haven’t received your confirmation email (and you’ve already checked your spam folder) wait twenty minutes – sometimes it can take a bit to send through.

Once you’ve waited twenty minutes, check your spam and junk folders again!

Still no? Try refreshing your browser. Sometimes this is all your inbox needs to refresh properly.

Check to see if you mis-typed your email address and try to send the code again

Be sure you’re using an individual email address – sometimes role, group, and alias addresses can’t be verified

Try adding no-reply@thebitcoincompany.com to your safe sender list – it doesn’t usually get stuck behind this blocker, but it’s possible!

Try a different email address.

And finally if nothing else is working, get in touch with us! We’d be happy to troubleshoot with you.


The bitcoin you earn depends on the day and the deals. You can check The Bitcoin Company App to check out our partners and their offers or set-up alerts so when your favorite brands offer more, you won’t miss a good shopping day!

Don’t worry – we’ve got this. Make sure the payment has gone through first. If you notice the transaction is still missing, this is pretty normal as it waits to clear the credit card systems. If it doesn’t show up within five days, get in touch with our customer support – they’ll be happy to help you out: customer support (twitter: @thebtcco, telegram: t.me/thebitcoincompany, phone: 1-877-BTC-ASST (1-877-282-2778) or email: support@thebitcoincompany.com)

There are. It differs depending on the brand and the payment type, but you can find all this information on each brand page in our app! If you want to earn that little bit extra bitcoin, you can head over to our Education Portal and start watching videos to earn sats back!

We’ll also chart your accumulation of coin and let you know when you have enough to transfer it out to a wallet.

If you need help figuring out where to move your bitcoin, check out some of our favorite educational resources HERE.

We’ll put the bitcoin you’ve earned into your account balance and you can find it on the app. You’ll be able to withdraw your rewards once you’ve accumulated 50,000 sats.

If you’re paying with credit or debit card, your rewards may take 30 days to clear into your account as we need to verify the transaction before we can reward you.

If you’re paying with bitcoin, your points will land almost immediately!

When you’re ready to move them to your own personal wallet, just request a withdrawal and enter a bitcoin address.

Sure can!

Check out our Education Portal where you’ll earn rewards for learning about bitcoin.

If you already know everything you need to about bitcoin, you can share our app with your friends and increase your rewards!